Foxbrawl 2


"All ships, report in!"

Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox team, and a member of Team SSBM, and thus SM Crew.


Before Smash Tournament MeleeEdit

Following their latest adventure, Fox (long already a Smasher, thanks to the first Smash Tournament) and his team spent their time patrolling the Lylat System, just like always. Unfortunately, with evil truely extinguished, Falco, and eventually Krystal too, got severe Wanderlust, and left the team. Combined with Peppy's ascension to general of Corneria, Fox decided to go explore on his own. He knew he could trust Slippy and Rob to get the team reunited should the need arise...

Smash Tournament MeleeEdit

Eventually, Fox got wind of Smash Tournament Melee, and how all 12 participants of the first tourney would be given passes through qualifying. Needless to say, Fox jumped on the opportunity. To his delight and suprise, Falco was there, and he made it through qualifying. Fox wouldn't get a chance to face him, though; Falco would be on the other side of the bracket, and knocked out before Fox had a chance. This wasn't a huge concern for Fox... he had bigger problems. Like a red haired swordsman knocking him out in the semi finals, especially after his intense quarterfinal bout with the King of Evil himself. Following the swordsman's (Roy's) win, a teenage boy approached him, as well as Roy, and the bounty hunter Samus Aran, about a job. Hearing it would be good pay, Fox joined SM's cause.

Missions with Roy and SamusEdit

What SM didn't tell him was how much Smasher's Law would truely be helping him. Throughout various missions, such as trying to steal the HYPER DEATH RAY from KD Rio, trying to hijack Derek Barona's Ryaga, escaping Yeti Mountain, or suicidally waking up Mad Steve, he, Roy and Samus, through pain, death, glory, and success, formed an extremely strong bond and became their own unit, Team SSBM. Even now, with Eclipse Island, Fox is still there, ready for action...

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


  • Arwing
  • Landmaster
  • Blaster
  • Staff (not Krystal's, but a staff all the same)
  • Lightspeed Blaster: An enhanced blaster built for Fox by SM. As the name implies, the gun fires at an extrodinarily high rate of fire; a shot from this is one of few things Sonic the Hedgehog is slower than.


  • Ace Pilot: Fox can pilot LITERALLY. ANYTHING.
  • Smasher's Law
  • Hyper Flare Blade: See Roy's article for more information.
  • Final Smash: Landmaster: Fox summons a Landmaster out of nowhere. Redundant when he goes on a mission with one, but VERY useful when he needs to obtain heavy artillery fast when none is around.

Allies and EnemiesEdit



  • Wolf O'Donnel (arch rival)
  • Cerebral Assassain
  • Star Wolf Team
  • Andross