Hell is the realm of ITW-verse in which villains who are killed (as part of the storyline, rather than the games) are sent, where they become Hellspawn. It is known to have 5 distinct levels, each darker and more evil than the last.

Hell's LevelsEdit

Stage 1: The UnderworldEdit

The most known section of Hell. The Underworld is best compared to the DBZ world's Hell, or the Paper Mario world's Underwhere. Most of the primary Hellspawn reside here. It has SOME fire and brimstone, but only in small amounts; other than that, it looks mainly like a barren plain, with limited (but nonetheless suprising) plantlife.

  • Known Residents: DARK SM, Cerebral Assassain

    The Underworld.

Stage 2: Castle PandemoniumEdit

Straight out of Final Fantasy II, Castle Pandemonium is Stage 2 of Hell. A gateway somewhere within Stage 1 leads to the Jade Passage, which connects The Underworld to Castle Pandemonium. Some of the higher level hellspawn reside here. At the top of Castle Pandemonium lies a portal, which allows users to teleport to...

Castle Pandemonium

Stage 3: The NetherrealmEdit

The Neatherrealm is where the expected Fire and Brimestone is found. Down here, theres virtually nothing but. This is the realm in which a Hellspawn is born or respawns upon dying. Lesser demons also reside here, making this a VERY dangerous part of Hell, should anyone be brave enough to tempt it...

  • Known Residents: Scorpion
    Arena Netherrealm Cliffs

    The Neatherrealm

Stage 4: NiflheimEdit

Somewhere in The Neatherrealm is a portal leading to Niflheim. It is largely an abyss, comprised of randomly changing floors leading down into the darkest depths of Hell. Another cursed effect of Niflheim is the Soulfire Effect; the soul of anyone who traverses Niflheim, Hellspawn or no, is pulled from their body and turned into flame while within Niflheim... and if the soul burns away, death occurs, even to Smashers. No known Hellspawn reside here; it is largely a connection between stages 3 and 5... a connection thats only been known to be braved once.

  • Known Residents: None, thanks to the Soulfire Effect.


Stage 5: The AbyssEdit

At the bottom of Niflheim is a portal leading to a cold, dark Abyss. Down here, only the strongest of Natural Hellspawn reside; The Abyss is too demonic even for a normal Hellspawn to reside in.

  • Known Residents: Tails Doll