In the ITWverse, when a villain (smashers exempted) is killed, they, naturally, go to hell. However, their story doesn't end there. In fact... it may have just begun for the villain, as they are turned into a Hellspawn. There are also some creatures of darkness that spawn from there; though few, these creatures are known as Natural Hellspawn, and are often signifigantly larger threats than normal Hellspawn when they escape.

First AppearancesEdit

The presence of an afterlife type world was first made known during one of KD Rio's contests to steal the HYPER DEATH RAY, when two EXTREMELY unexpected people appeared within the estate.... DARK SM and the Cerebral Assassin. Though they were defeated by a coalition of heroes, including KD, SM and Mikey, their presence made the presence of Hell known. Since then, Hell has become a sort of "base" for the bad guys... and it shows no signs of stopping...

Hellspawn Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

  • Respawn: Like Smasher's Law, when a hellspawn dies, they revive. The key differences between Ressurection and Respawn are Respawn's speed; it is signifigantly faster than Ressurection; and location. Respawned Hellspawn ALWAYS respawn in Hell. (think thats enough spawn?)
  • Dark Powers: Hellspawn all have a certain range of dark powers. The range can vary, such as dark energy balls, to possession of dark weapons.
  • Holy Weapon Weakness: All hellspawn are super weak against Holy Weapons. This is without exception; in fact, this is why, in rare cases of Natural Hellspawn, Holy Weapon users are generally best suited to take them down.
  • Demon Level Powers (Natural Hellspawn ONLY): Natural Hellspawns' powers are signifigantly stronger than usual for Hellspawn. They are considered, in RPG terms, Superbosses, and not to be taken lightly...

Known HellspawnEdit

  • Cerebral Assassin
  • Tails Doll (NATURAL)
  • Hell Luigi (though he wasn't considered evil until after he first spawned in Hell)

(List under construction. Who wants to take a trip into Hell to find all of them?)