John Verideo is the avatar character for user John Verideo. He's something known as a Witch King, meaning that he was born to a witch as a boy. He's skilled in magic and swordmanship. A jack of all trades, but a master of none. He's also short, scrawny, and wears a stupid hat. I mean, seriously, a Fedora? The 50s called! They want their fashion sense back!

John: Keedo!!!

Keedo: Eep!



John was born on Chimera Island, a good few miles off the coast of USA's east coast. The Island is named such as there lives a good number of Chimera beasts, animals that are crossed between on and another type, like the dreaded Pigagators, or the Cocatrice, and the like. The Capitol of this land is a city known as Varin, but that's not where John is from. No, he's from the city of Broad Stone which lies near a forest. A rather simple city that also acts as the trade center of the island.

John's father, Leon, is a detective who was raised by his detective father and his father and ect. Venel is a witch and singer who met Leon during one of his cases. John is their fourth... or fifth child, as he istwins with his sister, Jill. He grew up with his family in his mother's flat. They lived rather well, though their father made sure they weren't spoiled. John learned to respect his father and longed to become a detective himself.

As John reached adaulthood, a plague swept across the island, endangering his friends and family. With his friends Nicolis and Rix, the three of them set out to find the cause of the plague. What happened during that time is unknown, however, during their time away, a strange light filled the sky, somehow dispersing the plague and curing the effected. John and Rix both returned. Nicolis had sacrificed himself to kill the creator of the plague.

As for John and Rix, the two of them were suffering reacuring nightmares. The nightmares receaded, but they did their damage.

A change in sceanery.Edit

To be continued...