(This list is still a work in progress)

This is a list of abilities and powers in the ITW universe. There are three types(Debatable): Physical, Mystical and Mechanical. Some abilities are shared by multiple people wile others are controlled by a small group or even just one person.


Ability TypesEdit


Abilities that have no magical properties. Can be used bare fisted or with weapons.


Abilities that are of magic and metaphysical, such as psychic powers. This catagory can have elemental properties.


Abilities that can be used by Robots, Cyborgs, and those with bionic attachments. These attacks can have elemental attributes.



  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind/Air
  • Earth
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Dark
  • Light


  • Smoke
  • Wood
  • Death
  • Blood
  • Mind
  • Time
  • Dimension/Space
  • Metal
  • Sound

List of AbilitiesEdit


A wind based attack that lets the caster fire small, weak wind blades from his/her hand. Can be fired in rappid succesion and wile moving.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo


An upgraded version of Sickle. The user must swing their hand in an ark to use it unarmed, though it's easier to cast with a bladed weapon. The air blade is of medium size and is more deadly.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo


The stronges version of the Sickle series. Can only be used with a bladed weapon. It has a short start up to gather energy into the blade, but when used it unleashes a wide blade that can slice through multiple foes. The draw back is that it's rather short range, only going out about one in a half to two yards, give or take. Great at attacking swarms.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo

Pressure wallEdit

Create a wall of air strong enough to repel attacks and some forms of magic.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo

Whirlwind SnareEdit

Sets a trap on the ground. When a person steps over this trap, a blast of air shoots up and throws this person into the air.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo


Creates a powerful burst of air infront of the user.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo

Invoke TempestEdit

Invokes the power of the wild winds themselves, allowing the user to greatly increase their speeds for about 30 seconds at most.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo

Eye of the StormEdit

An ultamate ability. The user must be extramly fast tro accomplish this ability. The user surrounds their targed, creating five after images. The target is then attacked from 5 directions at once and is hit 50 times in a short amount of time.

  • Element: Wind
  • Users: John Verideo

Burning MagnumEdit

A bullet of fire from one's finger. This attack is mid ranged and can peirce through a sheet of steel.

  • Element: Fire
  • Users: Rix Burns

Burn ShockEdit

A wide blast of... well, fire, from the caster's hand. It's short ranged, but has a wide area of effect.

  • Element: Fire
  • Users: Rix Burns