Princess Peach Toadstool

Princess Peach Toadstool, better known as Peach, is the beloved princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, constant damsel-in-distress, and one of the more popular icons of the Nintendo Universe. In the ITW universe, she is one of the warmest toward just about every other character and participant alike, mostly because of her magnanimous nature. Due to this, the most common place to find Peach is by Mikey Lenetia's side, as the two are best friends and he would never willingly allow her to be placed in harm's way. In spite of this, she does have moments where she finds herself in the fray.


Early LifeEdit

Though it isn't exactly known just why or how Peach was born in the Mushroom Kingdom or why she is ruling at a very young age, what is known is that she is a beloved ruler by all. After growing up, the young woman never seemed to have difficulty making the right decisions for her people, and aside from two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, suddenly showing up in the kingdom one day, there were really no outlandish conflicts to worry about for her. As such, she took up many hobbies that kept her energy levels in check, such as cooking, sports(involving just about every sport known except for high-contact sports such as American football and rugby), racing, and a little bit of fighting on the side in order to protect herself should she ever need to. During these times, she would meet one of her loyal retainers, Toad, as well as take lessons from her Grandma, who seemed to be of the same race as her retainer. Oddly enough, the Mushroom Kingdom did not hold another person that would even resemble Peach until Mario and Luigi stumbled upon the kingdom by complete accident. As such, the three would become friends, and Peach enjoyed the peace and prosperity as much as a young woman in her position could afford. Due to her easy-going and warm-hearted nature, the people she ruled over were grateful and in full support of her, as well. Sadly, for the Princess, dark times would come again and again in the form of King Bowser.

The Struggles Against BowserEdit

The first time darkness came for the kingdom, Peach found herself caught off-guard. The attack came suddenly and unexpectedly, claiming many of the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Even her loyal retainer, Toad, wasn't safe, as he and several of his kind were transformed into inanimate objects, leaving the princess completely alone. It was after she was able to break the evil spell that was coming toward her kingdom that the princess even had a slight clue that she was more than just a normal girl. Unfortunately, this same power alerted Bowser to her presence during his hostile takeover, and the princess was simply overwhelmed by his forces. Unwilling to physically fight back, Peach was captured when her preferred method of negotiating proved useless, not knowing that Bowser's forces were driven to fanatical levels over fear of his strength in both brute force and magic. Before being whisked away, she cast a spell to provide protection for two friends she was not able to get news about before her inevitable capture: the Mario Brothers. While Mario and Luigi began their struggle to find and save Peach from her binding, Peach had a conflict all of her own to undertake. Bowser decided to try and work his magic upon the princess, attempting to bend her will toward his own in order to make his conquest over her kingdom all the more complete. Over the many days, Bowser tried, and failed, finding himself simply unable to even make a dent in her steeled will, and even less against the magic within her own control. Infatuation over Peach's power and, by extension, the princess herself clouded Bowser's mind, and instead of setting out to snuff out the last bit of resistance the Mushroom Kingdom had in the two Italian plumbers, he instead opted to continue his efforts to win the princess over. This would prove to be a costly mistake, as his powers were muddled by the time Mario and Luigi stormed his castle. When he inevitably lost the one-on-one battle on the bridge against Mario(Luigi having opted to release the Toads by miles of a margin), Peach was freed and was able to fully counter Bowser's magic to bring back the status the Mushroom Kingdom had in most of its former glory.

Though she had partaken in a strange shared dream with Mario, in which Peach discovered her magical ability to float and pulling surprisingly powerful turnips out of the ground, word of and about Bowser was waning for a long time. Then, out of nowhere, kingdoms all around her were starting to fall under the dark magic of Bowser yet again. More prepared, Peach realized that the spell she cast over Mario and Luigi never waned, and was happy to try and map out the pattern the attacks were taking while they took a more direct approach. Every now and again, the princess was able to send support to Mario and Luigi through packaged letters with magical gifts attached. Sadly, sometime in the seventh realm Mario and Luigi were freeing, Bowser appeared en masse, and once more captured Peach before she could get in touch with the two plumbers. Once more being confined, she set up her defenses, yet found Bowser's strength in terms of magic seemed to be waning. Nonetheless, she did not allow her guard to drop, and missed some strange glances that the Koopa King had been stealing toward her. This time, much faster than before, the brothers arrived, and actually teamed up to take care of her captor. While Luigi made sure everyone was all right, Mario freed her from her prison, and Bowser did not give chase when the three(plus some Toad captives) escaped Bowser's realm.

Tired of all the strife, Peach herself desired a vacation from her duties. While the Chancellor, Toadsworth, was none too pleased at her decision, she nonetheless left the kingdom in his capable hands and left with Mario and Luigi. This time, their destination was Dinosaur Land. From what she could recall of hearing of the place, it was constant tropical temperatures, sunny skies, and the natural habitat of extremely friendly and surprisingly intelligent creatures known as the Yoshi. Charmed by this, she talked to Mario and Luigi, thinking they, too, would enjoy a vacation after all the hard work they had to go through. It did not take much convincing, and the three were off on a hot air balloon to start what the princess thought would be a much-needed vacation. Sadly, Peach was wrong. While Mario and Luigi found a new power in the form of a cape and decided to try it out, the princess was left all alone as she went to find some of the Yoshi that were fabled to be in the area. Placing down her luggage, Peach walked toward a hut in front of her, and heard cries for help. Quickly, she ran toward the cries, thinking that someone was in dire need and she had no time to wait for Mario and Luigi to return, and ran right into not just the Koopalings, but Bowser himself as he was sealing a green Yoshi in an egg! Before she could even hide, Ludwig spotted her and, with them all chasing the poor princess, Peach could do nothing but be captured once more on what was supposed to be her vacation. This time, she could not even present any help to the Mario Bros., and she noticed Bowser becoming more enamoured with her than before. It was here that Peach suddenly understood why his powers were waning; he was in love with her!

Although flattered at the thought, Peach held absolutely no form of love for Bowser. Instead, she hoped that they could be friends and put the taking over of her kingdom behind them in an effort to bring about peace for both kingdoms. She tried time and again while Mario and Luigi had to find her to appeal for this, but Bowser, losing himself in his love, would have none of it. To him, it seemed that it would be her love or bust, and Peach knew there would be no softening the blow. Little did she know, her efforts to appeal for a more peaceful ending for this conflict(all the while shrugging off any and all magic that Bowser was using to try and warp her mind) earned her some admiration from some of Bowser's own minions. This magnified when, in a desperate attempt, Bowser held Peach directly hostage to try and dissuade Mario and Luigi from attacking him. With some aid from Peach as she threw out Mushrooms to rejuvenate the Mario Bros. and remove the weakening spell that Bowser would place on the two, the Koopa King was once more defeated. Unexpected to all three heroes, the terrible king allowed Peach to leave the Koopa Clown Car before he lost complete control of it, allowing the princess to safely drift to the ground, escape the castle with the Mario Bros and several Yoshi eggs, and enjoy what remained of their vacation.

The three decided not to inform the chancellor, Toadsworth, of this incident, for they all knew that if something were to happen to her yet again that he would never allow her out of his sight. Hence, when they returned, they made sure to only lengthen the tales of the end of their trip, conveniantly forgetting about mentioning Bowser and the Koopalings. Even the green Yoshi that Peach had first encountered(and, ironically, was the first the Mario Bros. rescued) understood, and played along with it. Since he was friends with all of them, Peach invited him along with them to see the Mushroom Kingdom, and seeing as this was a first, the Yoshi took her up on her generous offer. For a time, all was well, and Yoshi went back home to tell his fellow Yoshis about the wonders of the Mushroom Kingdom. Around this time, some of the more bold members of the races that were so fanatical had instead been charmed by the princess's caring soul. Peach found herself busy smoothing over the immediate fears and prejudices that plagued the people of the Mushroom Kingdom, especially the Mushroom people that had only been subjected to Bowser's minions' tyranny. Thankfully, seeing their princess be so gentle and fair to the many Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Lakitus, and more only encouraged the speed of which the prejudices vanished, and before long they all began to live together in another moment of peace.

Eventually, however, Peach wanted to go see Mario and Luigi again, and since Bowser had been surprisingly quiet, Toadsworth allowed her to go see the Mario Bros. herself. After being dropped off by Toad, she was surprised to only see Mario was home. Mario, at this time, revealed that Luigi had recently found out about another princess: Princess Daisy. Disappointed and thrilled all at once for Luigi, Peach graciously took the news in stride, and decided it may be time to extend a friendly hand out to the princess of Sarasa Land, as she had with the defectors of Bowser's lands.

Eventually, she went to get fresh air in the form of a patch of wildflowers in front of Mario's home. This would be another costly mistake, as with very little warning, Bowser swooped down from the sky on his Koopa Clown Car and took her to his own Keep once more. Mario was very shortly behind, and it seemed like she would be saved in record time... That is, until Smithy plunged down from Star Road, scattering her, Bowser, and Mario throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. For a long time, she was dealing with Booster, a strange and disgusting man that she couldn't even fathom anything about. His childlike demeanor did not make anything easy, for she knew not what happened to Mario, her own kingdom, or even Bowser. Her kind heart broke when she feared the worst for them all, and would continuously cry in between demanding that Booster release her. One day, she got quite the mixed bag of reactions. She heard Mario(and someone sounding suspiciously like Bowser) coming to Booster's Tower, and Booster revealed he wanted to marry her. Her hopes lighted again, she tried not to cry as much as she waited for Mario to rescue her, and though it took a tad longer than she would have liked(almost getting married at Marrymore didn't help), she was eventually safe once more. She even tolerated Bowser being with Mario, and later, when she and her grandmother set up a diversion to keep the worrywart of Toadsworth off her trail, traveled alongside the two, as well as Mallow and Geno, to get the seven star pieces to fix Star Road. It was during her travels that she was able to show her talent for magic, frequently saving the comrades from being defeated along the way. She even got to see a side of Bowser she thought she would never see, and began to realize that the Koopa King wasn't completely evil, if not just a spoiled brat that never learned any better. By the end, she felt as if she and the Koopa King could be friends after the ordeal in spite of his childishness, and even became close friends to Mallow, prince of Nimbus Land, and Geno, a representative of Star Road. Having this be the first time in a long time she was able to go on a proper adventure, she began to realize just how much strife Mario and Luigi must have gone through for her over and over, and secretly vowed that she'd find a proper way to repay them for their tremendously kind deeds.

In that attempt to alleviate the stress she continuously felt responsible for to Mario and Luigi, Peach began to consider baking a cake for the two. Also, she wanted to extend a friendly gesture to Wario, a newly-arrived tenant of the Mushroom Kingdom, and knew that Yoshi, the green Yoshi Peach had witnessed be kidnapped and had come back with them, would love some as well. After writing down the names of the plumbers(plus Wario, a relatively new arrival that seemed to have some personal issues with Mario at the time), Peach was about to start writing letters to the three when Bowser pulled his most sneaky surprise attack on her yet. Before she even knew he was there, Bowser sealed her in the stained glass window of her own castle, and she could do nothing but watch as Mario, Luigi, and even Wario were lured in and trapped by Bowser's forces. She vowed then to never let her guard down again to Bowser's magics, even though they were bolstered by several power stars. When Yoshi himself came in(having woken from a nap on the roof during the entire ordeal) and began to free the three, she gained more hope, and tried to call out in the form of signs to her four friends. When Mario eventually freed her from her prison, she finally got to make good on her intention, and baked all four heroes a cake. To that point, none of them were able to taste her cooking or baking before, and they were more than pleasantly surprised at her prowess. So much so, in fact, that they refused any other repayment for saving her(even Wario)!

Super Smash Bros. and MeleeEdit

It was sometime after this that the Smash Bros. tournament began, and very few invitations went out across not just the Mushroom Kingdom, but it was rumored to Peach that other kingdoms and even solar systems were receiving invitations to participate. The excitement of such a prospect was building for the princess, and though she was somewhat saddened by not being invited to compete, she did still go in order to cheer on her good friends, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and, to her surprise, Donkey Kong, an ape that had vanished after leaving the Mushroom Kingdom as a friend. She was in awe of the entire experience, and deep down wished that she could participate due to how fun it all seemed to be, in spite of the violence involved. Here, too, she felt it was nice to see some faces and even races that she had never seen before, and how adapt each of the combatants were at fighting. For the most part, she only really watched Mario and Luigi's matches, and would frequently head backstage to give them either encouragement or praise, depending on whether or not they won or lost. It was through this that she became knowledgeable of Samus Aran, Fox McCloud, and Captain Falcon. However, it wasn't until she mistakenly sat in on the wrong match when she was introduced to Link from the land of Hyrule.

Something about Link stuck with Peach, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Mario, Luigi, and even Yoshi realized this, and this further confused the princess when she noticed Mario suddenly not approve too highly of the swordsman. Unable to understand the actions or even her heart, Peach's visits backstage became less frequent, and even moreso when all of her friends were inevitably knocked out of the competition. After the ending ceremony, Peach left the tournament with fond memories, and a surprising amount of mysteries.

Her friendship with Mario eventually rekindled, though the princess noticed a more saddened look that he would give her every now and again. Through talks with Luigi, she eventually understood that Mario had felt strongly for her, and though she was flattered and surprised, a part of her knew that it was coming. Deep in the princess's heart, she had only felt friendship for the brothers, but she still felt responsible for the sorrow within Mario, even though the two would still go on as like nothing ever happened. When the day inevitably came, and Peach, too, got an invitation to attend the tournament as a competitor, she was surprised to see Mario legitimately being happy at her inclusion alongside him, Luigi, Yoshi, and DK. It was on the way to the tournament that Peach's worst dread came true: Bowser was also invited to fight.

Trying to put their past behind them, the five traveled together to the tournament, and it was there that Peach was star-struck. This time, there were even more people gathered together, and it was there that she made two more fast friends. One such friend was none other than Princess Zelda of the kingdom of Hyrule, in which she felt assured by and found a true friend in, while the other was the bounty hunter Samus Aran, the sole female veteran and someone she highly looked up to. It was in the tournament that Peach also found something she never really expected.

It seemed almost all of the Smash Brothers not only had eyes on the Smash Sisters(as she, Zelda, and Samus ultimately became known as), but most of the attention was somehow drawn toward none other than Peach herself. Throughout the tournament, she became more and more embarrassed about her position(something that Samus frequently teased her for), and many of the men swarmed to try and earn her affection. Surprising even her, Link, the one that she had laid eyes on before, seemed oblivious to this. So much so, in fact, it seemed that Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi would forget about him and keep letting him slip by to talk to the girls. Though there were times the princess could have sworn he was only coming to talk to her, Peach continuously reminded herself that it was most likely to talk to Princess Zelda, as the two did come from the same kingdom. So, Peach kept her feelings to herself until the preliminary rounds were beginning. One round of such was a Free-For-All format, and in her match was not only Captain Falcon and the Ice Climbers, but also Link. Nervous and scared all at once, she went in, prepared to avoid fighting Link at all costs... when she began to notice Link was in front of her, almost at all times. Truly baffled, she watched him take a majority of the blows aimed for her, and when the end came and Link was left beaten, yet victorious over the other two combatants combined, something in her heart both broke and warmed all at once. Holding back her tears, Peach was the one who had the task of eliminating the beaten Hyrule hero, winning the match.

Afterward, she was truly heartbroken that she had to do that, and through her consolement with Princess Zelda, Samus, and even Mario himself, she began to realize the deep feelings that she was beginning to form toward Link. From that point on, the princess secretly vowed to herself that if she had to face Link at any time, she would politely bow out from the match, in spite of whatever her chances may be. The preliminaries continued, and Peach shockingly handed that year's winner, Roy, his one loss on record in a one-on-one match, opening the eyes of many of the contenders that in spite of her appearance, she was a force to be reckoned with. When the seedings were done, Peach secretly hoped that she would not face Link again. This didn't seem to be a problem, either, as the two had many opponents between one another, and the princess expected to lose somewhere along the way. Surprising even herself, however, the princess got rather far in the tournament, even eliminating Bowser himself without so much as breaking a sweat! The inevitable eventually happened, though, and she was in a solo match against Link.

This time, the princess could not bring herself to face the Hyrulian, and instead opted to bow out of the match, in essence eliminating herself. From there on, she avoided Link to the best of her ability while still chatting with her friends, and was successful even after the ending ceremony. From there, she retreated back to the 'safety' of her kingdom, even though it proved many times to not be.

Isle Delfino, and an Unexpected EncounterEdit

Sometime after the ordeal of the tournament, Peach was still deeply desiring to have a proper vacation, and much to her surprise, Toadsworth was in agreement with her. He, too, understood what she was going through after helping her guide the progress of the Mushroom Kingdom for so long. Not only this, but whenever there would be a Mario Party, kart race, or even a sporting tournament, he would take on full responsibility, and finally realized just how much Peach enjoyed herself when she was able to take a break from it all. It was also he that came up with the idea of inviting Mario along for the ride, since he was the primary one to assist the kingdom whenever she was in trouble. Not wanting Luigi to be forgotten, Peach asked about him, and Toadsworth admitted that he already had sent him as an ambassador to Sarasa Land. Delighted to hear that Luigi was going to visit her pen pal and invite her back to the Mushroom Kingdom sometime, Peach wholeheartedly agreed to the idea, and allowed Toadsworth to pick out the vacation spot. While he was selecting it, Peach asked her personal retainer and friend, Toad(the same one that had the shared dream of Subcon and the events of SMB2) to deliver a message to Mario about the vacation, and to come back so they all could leave ASAP. To her pleasant surprise, Mario and Toad came back ahead of schedule, and the four, along with a few more Toads, were on their way to Delfino Plaza.

It was en route there that Peach got a hint of what was to come. During the welcoming video for the island, the princess was the only one not distracted enough to see a figure running around the background. A shadowy figure that looked suspiciously like Mario.

The Mushroom Kingdom's princess found her worst fears were realized. Not even a day after their arrival, monstrous graffiti was found all over Delfino Plaza, Mario was arrested, put in a ridiculously unfair trial, and charged with cleaning up the entire island. Unable to do anything for her dear friend, Peach helplessly watched as Mario set about his task... and then ran right into the one that framed Mario! Unfortunately for her, nothing she did seemed to phaze the being then dubbed Shadow Mario, and she was captured. Though Mario came to her rescue once, the dubious doppleganger waited for Mario to be distracted on a whole different section of the island before once more making his move and stealing her away. Somewhere in the chaos, Shadow Mario revealed himself to be Bowser Jr., and said that Peach was his 'Momma'! Completely baffled and appalled, the princess allowed herself to be taken away by Junior, and bided her time within the volcano's core while trying to think of a proper way to reprimand Bowser for his lying to his own son. Before she could think of one and implement it with Junior not around, however, Mario once more came, rescued her, and after fixing FLUDD, got to finally enjoy the rest of her tropical vacation the way it was meant to. Or, so Toadsworth hoped.

Soon after coming back home, the normally serene princess was irate. It seemed that no matter where she went or what she did, Bowser was always there, waiting to snatch her and drag her away. In a more forceful display than she was used to, Peach booked herself another vacation, this time COMPLETELY out of the Mushroom Kingdom, and left without even saying so much as a word to Mario. It's not entirely known where she took her vacation, but she eventually sent a letter back to the Mushroom Kingdom, detailing that she was all right, but that she may need to stay a few more weeks than intended. Even though Toadsworth was a wreck, sure enough, a few weeks later Peach returned, looking happy and refreshed... and alongside her was a new, if not timid friend.

Her new friend was none other than Mikey Lenetia, and her destiny from that point on was forever altered.

New Beginnings, Friendships, and TragediesEdit

After a stay at the Mushroom Kingdom as an honorary guest, Toadsworth's opinion on the mage seemingly went from cautious to fully-accepting. Not only had he seen the mage bring plenty of laughter into the princess's life, he witnessed that he was exceptionally talented, as a strike by Bowser was turned away solely by his presence, and prevented Peach from being kidnapped yet again. Eventually, Peach asked Toadsworth that if there was any chance she could leave and stay with Mikey whenever she needed a vacation, and to her mild surprise her chancellor agreed to the notion. Overjoyed, she revealed to him that Mikey held the power of teleportation magic, so any time they needed her back, she could return on a moment's notice, and with that the deal was sealed. However, for a time things were back to how they usually were. Aside from sending her new-found friend letters and receiving them in return, life was back to normal and, for a longer span of time than usual, peaceful. Peach remained behind to watch after the kingdom as Mikey traveled the world, and often in letters she would hear of where he had been. Before too long, however, the mage returned, and ready for another vacation, she visited Mikey at his new abode(of which the exact location has yet to be revealed). She enjoyed her stay so much that frequently, and supposedly between ITW events, Peach would return to the Mushroom Kingdom to deal with whatever needed to be done, then almost immediately turned back around and returned. It was during one of her returns that she and Mikey heard about one of Mad Steve's contests, and Peach decided to enter. However, unlike the others involved, who merely wanted to wake him up, run, and survive, the princess set a different goal for herself: be the one to mostly soothe the wrath of the ever-frequent violent retaliations, and hopefully be the one most spared. In spite of her friend's wishes, she set out, and discovered very shortly that she held the power of revival thanks to what is now known as Smasher's Law, due to being in a Smash Bros. tournament. Unfortunately, even though she achieved her goal, she discovered just how badly it worried Mikey, and decided to take more of a spectator's seat from then on as a result.

It was upon her return that she ran into another of Mikey's friends, Aerith Gainsborough, and through their mutual kindness, as well as appreciation of hilarious pranks, the two became very fast friends. After agreeing to spend the majority of her time safe for the next few ITWs, she was shocked to hear the next announcement: they were going to visit someone known as KD Rio. Going along for the ride, it was there that once more Link came back into her life. Not knowing what to do or how to react, she tried to not let his presence affect her too much. However, there was something about him that kept drawing her attention back to him that she was finding increasingly hard to deny. Before much headway could be made, however, the end of the ITW was upon them, and the two had to leave each other again.

Sadly, the next time the two would see each other would be during one of the darkest times of Peach's life. At one point, she sent herself to Mad Steve's abode, where she ran into who she thought was Prince Marth. However, unknowing to her, it was a perverse clone, and no one was able to stop what was to happen. Even though the bodily damages were repaired by Mad Steve himself, the substantial trust that the princess had gained toward Marth was lost, and the mental scarring would also be ever-present. To her surprise, however, was the sheer amount of venomous anger Link held toward his former comrade, and somewhere deep down she realized that Link had probably cared for her in much the same way she did of him. She clung to him as her recovery process began, and found that the people she had been introduced to through Mikey were truly wonderful people. While she had a horrific experience witnessing Shina Gado's transformation(leading to her outright fainting), Peach held the fighter in overall high regard, and even found the antics of Black Mage to be tolerable. Further still, feelings between her and Link grew stronger, and it was sometime during the engagement between KD Rio and Shina that they finally began to act upon it.

In spite of her new-found love, Peach still had tragedies to face. Among one of the worst was during Phantom's If They Were Escaping From Phantom's Base! In it, not only were Princess Zelda and Link captured, but shortly after Zelda's escape, Peach herself was kidnapped by an unknown entity only later known as Lucius. Through her friendship with Jessica, Phantom's girlfriend, her friends in Mikey's abode(now including the new arrivals of Relm, Lulu, Sabin, and Starfire amongst others), and Link himself, she was able to escape. The group then learned of the enemy and, thanks to Washu, Derek Zerus Barona, and the other Blue Wings, of the being only known as Lucius, including his abilities and history.

The scarring event only made Peach long for a fun vacation, and shortly after the ITW was over, she left for home. After taking care of her people for a bit more, she and Toadsworth both wished to have a vacation, and they took a cruise... One that wound up placing her in Rogueport. In spite of her best efforts, as well as that of Mario, his allies, and TEC(a computer that wound up falling for Peach, somehow), she was used as the catalyst for the Shadow Queen's revival. Wishes of those of all the land, as well as Mario's courage, helped her recover her true self. It was during this point that she even felt the wishes of Mikey and friends, and the guilt she felt after the vacation made her immediately return to their side. She refused to tell all but Mikey of what transpired on her trip, wishing for it to never resurface, for she hid a dark secret from Mario and Toadsworth. Though the evil darkness from her was banished and returned to the Shadow Queen, some of the evil shadow's powers still remained, buried deep within her. Instead of embracing them, she feared its power, and instead opted to surpress them as best as she could, hoping they would remain that way. Sadly, not all turned out as she hoped. Time had passed, and Peach found herself, as well as many of the others, developing strong friendships with the members of the Blue Wings. It got to such a point that Peach volunteered to go along to Derek's side during his own ITW event in order to be their cook. She didn't have to be told that she would be aiding him in defending the ship, and had willingly done so on many occasions, up to and including defeating Ganondorf in a match of DDR(after kicking off her heels mid-song). The princess had a blast, and developed a good friendship with the core five members, and continued to have fun during one event that took place in the mansion she and the others were staying at. Soon after, however, things began to change for the worse within the minds of those involved with ITW... something that Peach would slowly realize as it went on. Though the occurences were at first small in number, some of them put a minor weight on her heart. One of which was witnessing a sleep-walking Mikey enter into the fray in the dead of night, and walk toward the BHC in KD Rio's estate, where the mage could very well have met certain doom. It took her, Shina, and Ashton catching him and calling out to him to snap him out of it. While this was something that worried the princess, what she didn't know was that the worst was yet to come.

During the final stretch of ITW events she and the others in Mikey's group participated in, in which everyone was trying to steal from KD Rio's Estate, the seven Chaos Emeralds were brought into play and mistakeningly left behind. When they were eventually put up for grabs, everyone vied for them tooth-and-nail, resorting to extremely dirty and tricky tactics every now and again. Seeing her friends after one another began to break Peach's heart, and it was when Link was attacked and nearly killed in front of her that something within the gentle princess snapped. Beating Link's attacker to a bloody pulp with Link's Butterfly Net, she showed a dark side to her that none could either see coming from her or blame her for having. The aftermath of seeing him so down and in so much pain, however, allowed the dark secret Peach had been hiding come out to full view. Before the very eyes of Shina, the kind princess lost herself, donning the outfit the Shadow Queen had opted to wear and going on a murderous spree the claimed several unlucky contestants, scarred others, and even almost claimed the life of Lucca Barona, the younger sister of Derek. Snapping out of it by Link throwing himself at her feet, begging her to stop, she passed out, and the experience had blacked out her memory of the event even happening. It was when Mikey himself revealed to her what had happened that she knew she lost her fight against the darkness within her. Instead of being shunned, however, the princess was shocked when her friend instead encouraged her to embrace the dark powers, saying that they were now hers, and not necessarily evil. Unable to refute that logic, Peach had began to wonder if she should instead view the darkness instead as a gift.

The darkness that was surrounding Mikey more and more, however, took hold on her best friend, and he closed his doors to the contest. Peach did return to the Estate after her apology to Shadow the Hedgehog, in her attempts to apologize to Lucca and Derek, and told Shina(who she had slapped instead of Lucca while under her berserk mode) her apology and Mikey's mood. She returned again to help her friend by talking to Stefan, a swordsman under the employ of KD Rio and has known Mikey for longer than many would think. This effectively returned them to trying to aid the other groups recollect the Master Emerald shards, which had been broken apart by Derek in a strange attempt to gather all the shards. She had even thrown a banquet, though was sad when the only real surprising guest arriving was Ganondorf. Everything continued to go in a positive direction...

Then suddenly, something happened to make contact with everyone cut off.

Reappearance and EclipseEdit

That is, until Derek Barona came back, taking over Eclipse Island. While no one has heard from her or the rest of the group for quite some time, the reappearance of Mikey in the beginning of the 'contest' Derek was holding meant that the princess was returning, as well. To date, however, no one aside from Link had heard from her. This lengthy silence period was further compounded by it seeming as if everyone, as hinted by Peach herself, had lost touch with all the other groups involved in the ITW games. As such, she, as well as Mikey's entire group, have been sitting on the sidelines as a war starts anew. Another heartbreak would happen for the princess, however, when she was once again forced to see Link be hurt(even though this time it was through Mikey's crystal ball projection, a device the group has been using to watch the events on the island). Instead of being allowed to leave and given her best friend's blessing, however, recent events have shown that she left the mansion on her own accord, and sped off to the Estate, where she hoped to see Link once again in person. What will happen when the two reunite is anyone's guess at this point, as well as what will her actions do back home as a result. Only time may tell...


A young lady with warm, kind blue eyes and wavy blond hair that reached far down her back, Princess Peach had been considered a beauty by many in ITW. Her graceful presence from being a princess and light skin only seemed to make her more like a delicate flower, standing at roughly five feet even. On top of this, she wore several different dresses with different colors for whatever fit her mood. Though commonly known for her affinity to pink, since meeting Mikey she started to find a liking toward the color blue, and for several ITW games had mainly appeared in her blue dresses more frequently. Regardless, her coloring scheme seemed to mostly follow those of her Smash Bros. incarnations, with the jewels in her earrings and brooch changing to match her dress. The only part of her that didn't change was her crown, elbow-length gloves, and a blue ring she wore on her right hand. Alongside her high heels(that she's somehow able to skip and run in with little to no difficulty), it's a safe assumption that Peach was very muchso not afraid to look like a girly girl.

There had been times that Peach would tie up her hair into a ponytail, specifically while doing strenuous activity and cooking. Even so, her bangs that frame her face remained mostly unchanged in regards to how touchy the activity she's doing is. She'd also been known to carry about a white parasol with her on extremely warm or rainy days. Rumor also has it that she'd been seen in clothing outside of her normal dress, but she's yet to be seen by anyone outside of Mikey's group or initially from the Mushroom Kingdom in anything but her formal attire. Hence, chances seemed to be she'll continue to make appearances as such.


While it would make sense for someone who had gone through as many kidnappings and shocking turns of events as she had to be distrusting, Peach is the exact opposite. The unfortunate events that seemed to plague the princess's life appeared to have made no dent on her faith in the goodness inside of people, and as such can be perceived as quite naive. The ironic fact of this was, of course, that she was in fact extremely wise, but due to her non-confrontational personality she usually tried to put her misgivings in the softest way possible. Her magnanimous nature commonly ensured that Peach earned very few lasting enemies, and even then the sheer amount of charisma she had tended to win them over without her even realizing there was a problem.

As such, whenever there was a problem, Peach tended to try and negotiate herself(and others if they're involved somehow) out of the situation first. Only as an absolute last resort would she allow herself to fight back, but even then she hated the idea of such a thing being a possibility. That in and of itself is usually what landed the poor princess into hot water, and typically needed to be bailed out before something bad could happen. Every now and again, someone did manage to press a button on Peach that should never be pressed, and it's in those moments that people commonly realized that there is much more to the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom than just a pretty face and kind heart.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As stated before, it was more than a rare occasion when Peach was ever in something other than her staple dress, high heels, crown, and elbow-length gloves. What was to note, however, that the princess had shown several other abilities that helped her out in a pinch if-needed.


As expected from someone that spent a lot of time with someone as mystically-inclined as Mikey, Peach had shown prowess in the form of white magic. Though she commonly seemed to stick to the spells she was revealed to know in her travels to recover the seven stars of Star Road(such as Therapy for single healing, Group Hug to heal a group, and Sleepy Time to put her targets to sleep), it would be no surprise for her to suddenly use white magic spells from other universes. However, she seemed to never have any real talent with black magic in general, and probably didn't even see a point to having it, as she would rather mend than destroy.

Fighting and Space-bendingEdit

As hinted by her time in the Smash Bros. tournaments, Peach was more than capable of defending herself in an actual fight. While her style was more than highly onorthodox, it got the job done, and the princess tended to build up damage quickly over knocking them out faster. Whether this was because of her gentle heart or playful nature, however, was unknown, but on at least a couple of eye-witness accounts, when Peach was completely in the zone, it almost looked as if she was dancing. The only time she ever seemed intent to do harm was when she was using the MOABS, or Mother of All B**** Slaps, which seemed to be extremely powerful, staggering or outright KOing people if they happened to be on the receiving end with a shocking amount of frequency. What that entails hasn't fully been shown yet, though it was said to be quite the spectacle if ever seen, and not being on the receiving end.

What was known about her because of her time in the tournament, however, was that Peach seemed to hold some rather unique abilities that never went away after leaving it. As was first hinted at during her time in Subcon, Peach was able to somehow stop herself from falling for a short period of time and float horizontally through the air. This was all while still in complete control of her body in the meantime, which lead to more surprises than not. On top of this, Peach seemed capable of pulling items out of the void, as well as out of the ground. Through the ground, she could pull turnips of varying power, a being known as Mr. Saturn, a bob-omb, and even a beam sword. Through 'the void,' or what others might have called 'hammerspace,' she was able to pull out a golf club, tennis racket, frying pan, a parasol, or even her loyal retainer Toad for a quick moment. How these powers came to manifest was anyone's guess, but Peach was able to use all the above several times to either win a fight or get out of harm's way.

An Unwanted GiftEdit

During her time in her much more homicidal 'Shadow Queen' form, Peach was able to utilize several different techniques and even modes of travel that would boggle the mind of any normal person. She was able to use black lightning, which was in no way affiliated with anything lightning elemental, summon dark hands out of the ground, and even moved through darkness itself. Her time using those powers were short and definitely not sweet, but it was revealed to her by Mikey that the powers were now her own to use if needed. The only question now would be if she would ever use them, or even if she looked into using the powers at all.

Friends, Acquaintances, and EnemiesEdit