&nbsp Having worked with Roy, Fox and Samus for so long, SM eventually found a way to reverse-engineer, to a degree, the ressurection ability of Smasher's Law into a microchip, which he calls Revival Tech.

Basic Overview of the TechEdit

Every member of SM Crew, sans the Smashers, has a revival tech chip within them. Thanks to the chip, when the member of SM Crew gets killed in action, barring EXCESSIVE OVERKILL(kill...kill...kill...) such as subatomic vaporization, he or she will revive at a special pod in SM's Base; SM himself has gone on record as equating the process to dying in the virtual world of Lyoko and subsequently returning to the physical realm;

"I guess I could best describe it as that virtual world, Lyoko. When someone gets sent there, they vanish from the real world, right? Think of being sent on a mission like that. Likewise, when they get killed on Lyoko, they return to the real world in the pod they left in, right? Thats what the revival tech does. I shudder to think of what would happen if those revival tech pods were taken offline though..."

To date, Revival Tech has only failed once, when, ironically, SM himself was atomically vaporized by the Ryaga during the Estate Incident.

Known Revival Tech UsersEdit

Every member of SM Crew, past or present, has Revival Tech, plain and simple. The exceptions are three of the four smashers, those being Roy, Fox, and Samus. Sonic has the revival tech, however his has been rendered obselete and redundant since he gained Smasher's Law.

(Simply put, this is SM (the user)'s explaination of why SM Crew members can be sent in ITW Rounds, die, and revive from it... yes, he was bored when he decided to make this.)