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25 characters with the power of Smasher's Law.

Smasher's Law is the term used for a special ability set granted to participants (known as Smashers) of ITWverse's Smash Tournaments (Smash Tournament, Smash Tournament Melee, Smash Tournament Brawl). The primary power Smasher's Law grants is ressurection. Its powers, both positive and negative, are outlined below.

Powers of Smasher's LawEdit

Positive AbilitiesEdit

  • Ressurection: The main power of Smasher's Law. Anyone with Smasher's Law has the power to revive from death after a short delay. In fact, the only known surefire way to kill a smasher permanently is to kill them under Fire Emblem Physics.
  • Final Smash: Obtaining the power of Smasher's Law unlocks the user's Final Smash ability. With possession of a Smash Ball, the Smasher has the power to unleash a power of great strength, such as summoning a tank from nowhere, putting everyone around the user to sleep, binding an enemy and slashing them to death, turning into a super form instantly, and other powers varying by smasher.
  • Tenacity: Also known as "WHY WON'T YOU DIEEEEEE!?", Smashers tend to have a high resistance to conventional attacks when at the top of their game.

Negative AbilitiesEdit

  • Reverse Tenacity: But when the Smasher is nearing the end of his or her rope, its quite frequent that a single punch may send the smasher flying.
  • Can't Fly TOO Far: On the same note, a smasher can't be sent flying against their will too far. Being sent any further than 100km against their will causes the smasher to explode, resulting in the smasher's death regardless of WHO it is (though Ressurection remedies this) (and yes, conventional killing methods still work; they still revive). NOTE: The key phrase is "against their will". If a Smasher WANTS to be sent in the direction he or she is launched, this rule doesn't apply (the smasher still has to figure out how to land without dying).
  • Home Run Bats: By far and away the greatest fear of a smasher. The Home Run Bat, a legal weapon in Smash Tournaments, has the power to instantly kill any smasher in one hit simply by the user of the bat swinging it with all of his or her might. If the hit connects, the smasher will almost CERTAINLY fly further than 100km, even from full strength, and the velocity of the flight will be more than fatal, even if the smasher WANTED to go flying. Hammers and Bob-Ombs have high potential to kill by flying as well.

Known Smashers (Main or Supporting Characters)Edit