"Our mission is to ensure the protection of all from what hostile forces may exist before they become global threats that may destroy what we hold dear to us."

The Agency Defense Corporation, more commonly known as the Agency, is a worldwide organization founded by KD Rio in the ITWverse. Prominent in status, those that are employed by the corporation are referred to as Agents, and are given unique IDs to tell one from another. Though started rather recently compared to other companies prominent in the ITWverse, it is by far the largest employer in the world, with approximately 795 million Agents employed and listed as active according to the last status reports. Because of its size, the Agency has regional bases throughout the world in places like Tokyo, London, New York, Miami, Berlin, Station Square, and Los Angeles. All heads of regional bases report to commanders based in each country, who in turn answer directly to the head of the corporation, the Director of the Agency. Currently, the Director is KD Rio, with Timothy Johnson serving as his chief of staff.

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