The Coalition Force is the name given to a group of sendees during Round 10 of ITW Treasure Hunting on Eclipse Island, sent by every active player except for MikeyLenetia and John_Verideo, united under the purpose of breaking into the Ryaga and potentially reclaiming the HYPER DEATH RAY.

The Coalition Force formsEdit

Throughout the course of the game, SM and KD Rio had been working together to reclaim the HDR. Some time after discovering the Ryaga's location, Roy made the deduction that the most likely location of the WMD was therein. After announcing his deduction like an Ace Attorney, Roy took Fox and Samus to the island, with assistance from Link and Marth, with the intent of breaking into the Ryaga. Meanwhile, Mad Steve got wind of Roy's soon-to-be exploits, and sent Ike to assist. ITW Camera feeds around the ITWverse picked up on the growing alliance, and soon enough, everyone, with exceptions of John and Mikey, had contributed someone to the force, all aligned under the goal of taking back the HYPER DEATH RAY.

The Coalition Force Strikes!Edit

(Check out posts 367 to 393 of Eclipse Island for the whole thing! No seriously, Thats like the most epic piece of epic I've ever seen Derek make!)

Ultimately, it came time for the group to make their move. Naming Roy the de facto leader by choosing to let Team SSBM lead, the move was made. Ironically, a member of Team SSBM would be the first to fall, when Fox got run over by the Freakin' Bus after dueling it with a Landmaster and losing. Heavier losses would be felt in the inner sanctum of the Ryaga's defensive perimeter, as well as an attack from Ganondorf Dragmire drawing the attentions of both Link and Kanzaki Seiyokaze in an ironic union of Coalition Force and Blue Wing; ultimately the only ones who actually made it onto the Ryaga were Roy, Samus, The Doctor and Marth. The Doctor would move on to his own objectives (the TARDIS) within, but be warped out. Samus would fall victim to four laser traps and six Quick Man Laser cannons, and Roy, the leader of the whole force, would be literally thrown out the window by Derek Zerus Barona. However, all the sacrifice would not be in vain... Marth would ultimately be able to get onto the bridge, download a partial map of the island, and RECLAIM THE HYPER DEATH RAY!

Members of the Coalition ForceEdit

With the unique global joint effort nature of the Coalition Force, this list will show which players sent whom, in addition to the members themselves.